Here is Russ serving up some "Sumac-ade" on a foraging hike at Sibley Farm, summer 2013 

There’s an increasing interest among homeowners, property managers and others to utilize more native species in their landscaping, thanks to books like Doug Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home, which extol the virtues of native plants over exotic ornamentals for attracting and sustaining beneficial insects.  Yet, for some people, this alone may insufficient motivation to “go native”.  The “you can eat it too” aspect of many of our native species might provide the additional incentive you need to add native species to your yard.  Juneberr ies (Amelanchier spp.), for example, are equally edible by animals (songbirds, e.g.) and people alike.  The taste of the ripe fruit is like a cross between cherries and almonds (they’re all related species in the Rose family).  Russ Cohen, expert forager and author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten, will extol the comestible virtues of at least two dozen species of native edible wild plants s uitable for adding to your own landscape, or nibbling on as you encounter them in other locales.  Keys to the identification of each species will be provided, along with edible portion(s), season(s) of availability and preparation method(s), along with guidelines for safe and environmentally responsible foraging.  Russ will also include a few details regarding some native edible plants he has grown successfully from seed, and the partnerships he has made with conservation groups and others to add edible native plants to their landscapes.  Last but not least, Russ will accompany his talk with handouts and bring along samples of foraged goodies made from edible native species for people to taste. 

WED. OCT 16TH, 2019, 6pm:


Members are invited to our 2019 Annual Meeting at the newly-reopened historic Swan Tavern, 1 Paxton St. Leicester at 6pm October 16. Light supper will be served!

After the meeting, at 7pm, the public is invited as expert forager and author Russ Cohen returns to Leicester to  present Nibbling on Natives in Your Back Yard and Beyond.